FAQ'SDiab- D

What is use of Diab-D Ras ?

Diab-D Ras helps to regulate blood sugar leve. Diab-D Ras is blend of 10 Herbs.

Is Diab-D Ras Purely Ayurvedic ?

Yes, Diab-D Ras is Purely Ayurvedic Ras. it is Prepared with 10 Natural Herbs such as Gwmar, Jamun, Neem, Karela and More.

How to take Diab-D Ras ?

Take 20ml of Diab-D Ras With Equal Quantity of Water minimum 30 minutes before meal at Morning & Evening or as directed by the Physician.

Is These any Side effect of in take of Diab-D Ras ?

As Diab-D Ras is Purely Herbal, it safe to use, in case of Hypoglycemia individuals, Pregnant & Feeding Mother Should not consume the Ras.

Frome where I can buy Diab-D Ras ?

You can buy it from your nearly Medical Store or online from grorealherbs.com or flipkart.com.