AyurvedicDiab-D Ras

Product descriptionAccording to Ayurveda, our body is composed of five elements. The balance of these five elements is important for the efficient functioning of our body. What are the five elements? 100% organic ingredients Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth The combination of these five energies forms three types of body constituents or doshas. Vatta Dosha: It is composed of space and air; Pitta Dosha: It is composed of fire and water; Kapha Dosha: It is composed of water and Earth. In a perfect body, these doshas are well maintained and work efficiently but in aggravated doshas various disorders are seen. Disturbance of each dosha is linked to a particular problem like- Disturbance in Vatta Dosha - leads to drying and swelling of joints. Disturbance In Pitta Dosha – leads to swollen joints and continuous pain even without movement. Disturbance in Kapha Dosha - leads to joint stiffness. Disturbance in Doshas lead to toxins/ama accumulation. So, the aggravated dosha affects the digestive system (known as Fire) of the body and slows down the metabolism which results into the accumulation of ‘Ama’ or toxic substances in colon.